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DIY your own Underground Nexus, build a business, and learn new skills with courses from Cloud Underground.

Automate Boring Things | $997

Build Your Own Software Factory | $247

Cloud MVP Blueprint | $97

GitLab DevSecOps 101 | $97

WordPress Website Sandbox | $47

Automate Boring Things logo

Automate Boring Things E-book & Role-Playing Experience


Learn in-demand cloud development skills with Automate Boring Things: Choose Your Own Adventure with Serverless Functions! In this e-book and RPG experience, you will learn how to use automation and serverless functions to increase efficiency and drive innovation in your business or career.

Come away with an understanding of how to:

  • deploy serverless functions
  • automate your business
  • Four key roles of the Drop Squad Business Model
  • how to create a supply chain for cloud products
  • how to build a business-ready CI/CD pipeline

Finish the program with a ready-to-go cloud business pipeline or a home lab that will give you an edge in future job searches. Start reaping the benefits of automation today and learn to Automate Boring Things!

Build a git cloud in a day with Cloud Underground's Git-BIOS.



Build a business-ready Git cloud in less than a day with Cloud Underground’s Git-BIOS, powered by GitLab! 

In this workshop, led by Cloud Underground Chief Science Officer Nato Riley, you’ll learn how to build a complete, end-to-end DevSecOps software factory pipeline that is packaged together in one incredibly affordable mega solution, all made possible thanks to GitLab’s DevSecOps platform. 

Once you build your Git Cloud, your team will be able to collaborate with ease while you save costs and avoid vendor lock-in typical of the major cloud providers.

You need this workshop if…

  • you’re a business owner and need to lower your cloud infrastructure costs.
  • you’re an architect looking to avoid vendor lock-in.
  • you’re a developer responsible for reliably delivering DevSecOps.
  • you already use GitLab and need additional security and privacy.
  • you’re an entrepreneur trying to rapidly develop a minimum viable product.
Learn more and order the GitLab DevSecOps 101 workshop today.
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Invest in yourself, your ideas, and your business with the Cloud MVP Blueprint. This Blueprint outlines a three-year business plan to build out a product – from finding an audience, to developing your product, to scaling to the masses.

Build a business using the same business model Cloud Underground founders have used to begin, optimize, and expand multiple business when you check out the Cloud MVP Blueprint.

This Blueprint is recommended for…

  • Professionals who build cash flow automation with DevOps, DevSecOps, and CI/CD.
  • Entrepreneurs looking to build and monetize minimum viable products (MVPs) with effective go-to-market strategies.
  • Developers of Platform as a Service (PaaS) based business models.
  • Enthusiasts interested in learning-business-by-doing and bootstrapping their own side projects.
  • Researchers and information brokers looking to increase profit margins with long-term automations.

This product includes a Blueprint e-book and introductory video from creator and Cloud Underground Chief Science Officer Nato Riley.

WordPress website sandbox logo



In this course, Cloud Underground CEO Laura Riley shows users how to build a local WordPress website sandbox environment in Underground Nexus. In just a few clicks, you can begin building beautiful websites using the most popular content management system in the world!

This course includes:

  • Video instruction on how to install WordPress on Underground Nexus
  • How to back up and save your WordPress sandbox site
  • WordPress tour and basic tips and tricks
  • Overview of what makes a good website
  • Basics of building a brand
  • Recommended WordPress plugins
  • External website building tools

For full details, check out the WordPress website sandbox course in our shop!

Please note, the local WordPress sandbox site you build in this course won’t be accessible online. However, stay tuned for future courses that will teach you how to attach your local WordPress site to a domain and deploy it onto the World Wide Web.


Build Your Own Software Factory. We'll show you how in this course from Cloud Underground Academy.



Take your ideas to the next level by bringing to life when you build your own software factory using Underground Nexus. We’ll show you how in this course from Cloud Underground Academy. In addition, we’ll teach you how to get the most out of your Nexus cloud environment with advanced techniques.

Cloud Underground Chief Science Officer Nato Riley will guide you through the ins and outs of Underground Nexus so that you can optimize and customize your open-source software factory pipeline and data center, including proprietary tools like the GitBIOS that makes it all possible, Nexus0 copy/paste server and KuberNexus environments.

You’ll learn the following:

  • How the Nexus works has a software factory and why we built it
  • How to configure the Nexus firewall for secure development
  • How to set up a remote connection to access the Nexus from anywhere

You’ll also learn to use the following tools:

  • Pi-hole
  • Portainer
  • kubectl
  • Minio bucket
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Synaptic
Learn more and buy now in our shop.

Additional educational resources from our partners

Learn even more about cybersecurity and gain new skills when you take courses from Cloud Underground’s partners.


Learn from the Cyber Life TV experts when you join the Cyber Life School! Ken Underhill and other instructors at Cyber Life employ a “pay what you can” model to increase access to valuable cybersecurity skills.


notiaPoint teaches intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs and engineers essential skills for cybersecurity and DevSecOps by utilizing real-world roleplaying experiences that translate into marketable skills, whether you’re selling your own skills or your own product or services.