Control Your Career with Cloud Native Automation

Control Your Career with Cloud Native Automation

Building and hosting your own smart home or tech project can bring professional lessons that can be taken back to the shop.

Whether you own a business or work in a more traditional role, there is more to gain from building technology than just a paycheck or home automation.

Learning AWS or other cloud native tools is great, but beyond learning a programming language, we also teach ourselves that we are capable of accomplishing something challenging and complex.

Completing complex projects, such as cloud-native based projects, can change our minds and our lives.

Let’s explore some of the ways that completing tech projects can help us learn and grow.

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1. Expand your horizons.

  • Every time we complete a project, we realize that we can take on bigger tasks, increasing our confidence and skills.
  • Start with a small, easy project that looks fun or interesting in some way.

2. Develop pattern recognition.

  • Identify tasks that are easy to reproduce and apply knowledge from one project to the next.
  • Try using something like Terraform to make a structure or outcome easier to reproduce.
  • Automate tasks that must be done routinely from the learning experience.

3. Build reusable assets.

  • Completing code projects provides us with usable assets that we can employ for future ideas.
  • Try using the same load balancing configurations to host a completely different automation tool or solution.
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4. Hands-on learning.

  • Building your own open-source smart home or tech project is an excellent way to learn by doing.
  • Home projects like banking and security are better done ourselves for security and privacy reasons.
  • Home Assistant works well with Docker on any spare computer or server.
  • Using existing open-source resources can help you get started without being too challenging.

5. Take control.

  • Building your own open-source smart home project lets you be in control of decisions.
  • Decide whether to add popular tools or stick with self-hosted solutions for your home goals.
  • When code manages the world around us, we can experience the value of code as an asset.

Build Something Out of This World!

Learning by building and hosting your own smart home or tech project can bring professional lessons that can be taken back to the shop. From expanding your horizons to developing pattern recognition and creating reusable assets, completing complex projects can change our minds and inevitably our lives.

By taking control of your own open-source project, you can better understand how code can manage the world around us. So why not get out your building kit and go build something out of this world?


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