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We know what it’s like because we’ve been there . . . You’ve been involved in some incredible projects at work. You’ve proven your chops. You know you’ve got great proposals, but you’re tired of being a cog in the wheel. You’ve got a game-changing idea, all you need is something to get you started.

Let the Cloud MVP Blueprint be your catalyst to build an incredible product that will benefit others and change your own life.

Take ownership of your assets. Take ownership of your life. We’ll help show you how.


What is an MVP anyway?

No, it’s not a “most valuable player,” though you’ll become one after you create your MVP. What we’re referring to is a “minimum viable product,” which is the development concept that encourages you to build out an initial product with early adopters in mind.

With an MVP, you provide a light-weight product with sufficient features to satisfy the needs of the neophiliacs. The final product version is only built out once developers have received ample feedback from users.

This allows you to release a product efficiently, perhaps even piecemeal, and finalize features once you have a clear picture of who is using your product, what they’re using it for, and what critiques or additional features they may request.

Take the guesswork out your development by starting with an MVP!

What you get

When you purchase the Cloud MVP Blueprint, you’ll receive:

  • Cloud MVP Blueprint e-book more on that below
  • Video introduction and guidance on how to get the most out of your MVP blueprint
  • Curated resources to help you establish and run your business
  • Introduction and guide to setting up Underground Nexus
  • Invite to Cloud Underground’s professional community, DevSecOps Dojo

About the Cloud MVP Blueprint e-book

The Blueprint is broken up into three sections:

  1. Three-year-cycle business model template outlining each year of the cycle
  2. Stack provisioning workbook template
  3. Brand basics and essential concepts vital for making any business work

Who is this for?

  • Professionals who build cash flow automation with DevOps, DevSecOps, and CI/CD.
  • Entrepreneurs looking to build and monetize MVPs with effective go-to-market strategies.
  • Developers of Platform as a Service (PaaS) based business models.
  • Enthusiasts interested in learning-business-by-doing and bootstrapping their own side projects.
  • Researchers and information brokers looking to increase profit margins with long-term automations.


Avoid vendor lock-in with Underground Nexus

We recommend building your MVP in Cloud Underground’s open-source software factory pipeline, called Underground Nexus. The Nexus is easy to install and can be run on just about any hardware, and you’ll receive guidance on how to get it running in the Cloud MVP Blueprint materials.

We know we’re biased towards the Nexus, but one of the reasons we love it is because it helps avoid vendor lock-in! This is because the infrastructure for Underground Nexus all lives in Git – as opposed to on bare-metal servers – which is made possible by Cloud Underground’s proprietary Git-BIOS.

Servers are still required to run Git resources, but Git allows you to abstract your assets away from the bare-metal.

When your cloud lives in Git, you can choose where that cloud lives. That means you can pack up your GIT and GO wherever you want!