Cloud Underground Announces New Product, New Company

Cloud Underground Announces New Product, New Company

Cloud Underground is excited to announce the launch of its latest product, Underground Nexus, which will further the company’s mission of making cloud-native hosting and development more affordable and accessible in an increasingly cloud-based world. 

Underground Nexus is a DevSecOps cloud construction toolkit developed and maintained by Cloud Underground. The Nexus offers a novel way to build cloud infrastructure, including copy-and-paste data centers and educational lab environments. Plus, it makes moving large amounts of data easier and more secure than ever.

Opt to build your own DIY Underground Nexus with our free open-source code. Or purchase a fully supported Underground Nexus annual seat, deployed and maintained by a dedicated professional services consultant, as provided by Cloud Underground’s newest spin-off, Underground Ops.

In order to support its diverse client base, Cloud Underground has launched an accompanying professional services company, called Underground Ops. Underground Ops professional services consultants are highly skilled and stringently vetted to provide ongoing assistance for Underground Nexus clients.

“It’s easy for a business team to get bogged down by decision fatigue when it comes to choosing the right collaboration software, cloud hosting, project management solutions, cybersecurity tools, etc. Underground Nexus makes it simple by providing solutions to all of these problems with our built-in suite of tools,” said Cloud Underground CEO Laura Riley. “Plus, your Professional Services Consultant is always available to help you and your team streamline your DevSecOps and optimize the Nexus for your unique needs.”

Some of the features and benefits of the Underground Nexus toolkit include:

  • Hosted high-availability Nexus server nodes with built-in hypervisors
  • Developer tools and code spaces with redundant persistent data repos
  • Back-end service mesh and API portal
  • Managed Zapier automations
  • Assisted disaster recovery
  • Self-hosted GitLab (in AMD64 version of Nexus)
  • A dedicated professional services consultant, provided by Underground Ops

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