DevSecOps 101 & Zero Trust Cockpit Virtual Hack-a-Thon

Step Up Your DevSecOps Game with Cloud Underground & GitLab

LIVE! June 24, 2023, kicking off at Noon MDT

Dive into the world of Zero Trust Cockpit App

GitLab & Cloud Underground present DevSecOps 101, live workshop and virtual hack-a-thon, June 24 featuring Zero Trust Cockpit

Hey there, cloud aficionados!

Cloud Underground and GitLab are joining forces for an electrifying Virtual Hack-a-Thon, and you’re invited! We’re not just talking about any online event – we’re on a mission to redefine the boundaries of secure virtual environments through our Underground Nexus application, the Zero Trust Cockpit app.

Your Custom Cockpit: Your Rules

Have you ever dreamed of building a secure development environment that screams you? Be it for your burgeoning start-up, your ambitious enterprise, or your cozy home lab, we’ve got your back.

The Hack-a-Thon challenges you to whip up the coolest custom cockpit you can come up with using our Zero Trust Cockpit app, deployed via the Underground Nexus hyperconverged data center.

So, grab a cup of your favorite brew, flex those coding muscles, and get ready to dive into the world of secure virtual environments.

Event Schedule & Highlights

Our virtual event will kick off at 12:00 PM MDT on June 24, 2023, with a two-hour live workshop, DevSecOps 101 with GitLab.

In this comprehensive tutorial, Cloud Underground Chief Science Officer Nato Riley will guide you through essential skills, concepts, and tricks of the trade to help you get your Zero Trust Cockpit off the ground. He’ll also show you how to ethically hack your own system, equipping you with hands-on DevSecOps capabilities.

After the workshop, participants will go full-ham on coding and customizing their Zero Trust Cockpit for the Hack-a-Thon portion of the event. (More details coming soon!)

Did we mention the swag? Winners of the Hack-a-Thon will bag some killer gear from GitLab and Cloud Underground.

But wait, there’s more! The grand prize winner will receive Cloud Underground’s Master of the Cloud educational program bundle, valued at $1,197!

Why Should You Be There?

  • Up Your Game: Learn the ropes of DevSecOps and discover how to adapt to an ever-evolving cyber landscape.
  • Connect and Collaborate: Rub shoulders with industry leaders and fellow tech whizzes, share ideas, and find collaborative opportunities.
  • Battle It Out: Unleash your creativity and prove you’ve got what it takes to make it in the world of secure virtual environments.

Ready to Change the Game?

Join us on our mission to redefine secure development environments. 

For just $97, you’ll get to participate in this exciting, first-of-its-kind Hack-a-Thon and gain lifetime access to the DevSecOps 101 workshop recording.

Stay locked in for more exciting details about the Hack-a-Thon. Let’s get ready to shake up the world of virtual environments, one cockpit at a time!

Cloud Underground and GitLab: Shaping a Secure Future, Together.