Build a Zero Trust Virtual Classroom in 5 Simple Steps

Build a Zero Trust Virtual Classroom in 5 Simple Steps

Enhance Education and Security with Zero Trust Hosting Techniques

Providing education in the computer sciences can be challenging, but effective techniques and business models can help overcome obstacles. In this week's Cloud Underground Weekly Business Blueprint, we present a new weekly role play that introduces an entire business model designed to help you build your dreams.

Building a Zero Trust Virtual Classroom

Are you ready to create a secure and efficient virtual classroom? Follow these five steps to build a Zero Trust Virtual Classroom:

1. Build an Underground Nexus Cluster and Set Up Your Zero Trust Cockpit
  • The Underground Nexus is a data center capable of hosting all the necessary resources, including Kasm and Zero Trust Cockpits.
  • Create a Nexus cluster and acquire your Zero Trust Cockpit to establish a solid foundation.
2. Configure Kasm Workspaces with Your Zero Trust Cockpit
  • Connect Kasm Workspaces with your Zero Trust Cockpit to enable secure and seamless interactions.
3. Clone Additional Cockpits for Every Student Using Portainer
  • Access the Underground Nexus control panel and utilize Portainer to clone additional cockpits for each student.
  • Ensure you make appropriate adjustments to volumes, ports, and names.
4. Enroll Your Students with Kasm Workspaces
  • Before enrolling students, pre-install your preferred lessons in each cockpit to streamline the learning process.
5. Host and Organize Lessons and Cohorts Using Classroom Apps
    • Utilize a paid or free classroom app like Google Classroom to host and organize complete lessons and cohorts.

The Benefits of Zero Trust Hosting Techniques

Providing education in computer sciences often involves high costs for virtual labs and CyberRange. However, conventional networking models like hosting a VPN at home present network security risks and can be time-consuming to manage. With Zero Trust hosting techniques, you can achieve both security and education without compromising either.

Embrace the Possibilities

Building a virtual classroom in 2023 is now easier than ever. With your virtual classroom environment, you could:
  • Teach code
  • Provide DevSecOps training
  • Host security role plays
  • Teach malware analysis on an isolated host over a browser (keeping end-user systems safe with ZERO TRUST!)
  • Teach Computer Science and Data Science
  • And much more!

Don't let limitations hinder your educational efforts. With Zero Trust hosting techniques, you can establish a secure and efficient virtual classroom environment. Start building your zero trust virtual classroom today and unleash the potential of remote education.

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