4 Steps to Find the Best Leaders to Grow Your Kingdom

4 Steps to Find the Best Leaders to Grow Your Kingdom

Learn how to build your tribe of captains and achieve success

Companies and kingdoms don't run themselves! It takes an entire village to create a legacy.

Finding the right people to work with you and help you achieve your goals is essential. Here are four steps to help you find the best captains to grow your vision and build your tribe.

1. Seek out people who share your vision.

Human beings are naturally tribal, and you need to find people who share your vision and goals. Look for people whom you can see being a part of your life almost every single day. Remember, you will be spending a lot of time with your business partners and co-workers, sometimes more than our own families, so it's important to find people who you enjoy being around.

2. Understand what draws people to you.

Ask your followers why they follow you and gain an understanding of what rewards draw fellowship to you. All loyal members need some form of reward for their efforts, and it's not always about money. Training, your time, work breaks, and many other rewards exist. Knowing what motivates your team will help you create a culture that fosters success.

3. Build a culture that brings your captains together.

Build a culture that brings your captains together and attracts like-minded professionals who will thrive within your tribe. It's essential for your captains to feel safe and supported by those in their working environment. If someone creates too much turmoil for the tribe, it's important to fire them. However, it's possible to remain kind when firing someone.

4. Get out of the way and give your team space to succeed.

Avoid micromanaging your team and instead give them your trust. Hurry up and get out of their way. It's okay for anyone to fail, including your captains. None of us grow or learn as much without taking risks to discover new outcomes and possibilities.

The Importance of Accountability and Kindness

As a leader, accountability and kindness are essential qualities that you need to foster within your team. Here are some tips on how to achieve this:

  • Check in With Your Team: Don't expect your team to figure everything out alone. As a leader, you must remain involved in the inner workings of your business, even if you don't have the capacity to be fully working “in” your operations directly.
  • Accountability Matters: If folks aren't getting work done, they might be in the wrong position, experiencing mental health challenges, or unable to perform in the roles your company needs.
  • Kindness and Positivity Matter: Doubt spreads like a deadly toxin and requires the antidote of your gentle never-ending encouragement and positivity to cast fear out of the office.
  • Offer Options to Your Team: Instead of forcing your team to do things exactly how you would do them, offer them options. It's common for someone else to know a more efficient method for routine business tasks. Our captains are also teachers who can show us as leaders what “better” might look like when we find the right team members.

The Power of People

Saving the world is hard work. Going it alone is impossible.

Without our people, leaders and rulers can't accomplish much. We as humans don't operate well in a vacuum. With the right people, you can change the world. So, go forth and lead your tribe to glory.


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