7 Deadly Demons Killing Your Business Dreams

7 Deadly Demons Killing Your Business Dreams

Something terrible has happened! After coding too much, Nato has become trapped in a role-playing game world. And he cannot escape unless he helps folks automate more free time into their lives and businesses! So that's exactly what he will be doing here, providing weekly challenges to help business founders and solopreneurs level up their business practices and automate all the boring things! Check back each week for new challenges.

Vanquish the demons killing your business

This week, Nato needs your help fighting demons! Let's work together to slay 7 Deadly Demons that will crush your dreams and business parties before they can even set out on their journey.


If you don’t identify the right people to serve, then doppelgangers who seem like the right customer fit will lure you in to destroy a business party from the inside out with their mind tricks! Finding the right clients will amass an army of champions to help you fight through the dark times.


When this demon is not slayed quickly, the business party might be tricked into thinking things are going well, at first . . . until the end comes suddenly and swiftly. Beware the crime of passion – when we let passion take the wheel, without first taking the time for deep consideration and planning, we might find ourselves in situations where the wrong things receive priority. This can lead us into long-term suffering (or darker consequences that might impact us for years).


A vast labyrinth lies before us! Without equipping tools and automations, the truth will be impossible to see until we learn how to see. This demon destroys its victims through illusions and by blindsiding its victims with unexpected outcomes, if we don’t have the right weapons in hand.


This is the “fools idol” that plays mind games on those who worship it, rather than seeing it as the idol it is. Beware the lure of its sirens that sing sweet melodies but may lead victims to their utter doom and destruction.


The most elusive demon, it wants you to think there is plenty of it available. But its minions distract business parties until they run out of it! The secret to fighting this demon is understanding there is always less time than what actually appears to be present.


Tomorrow isn't guaranteed. There is right now and there is today. This demon wants us to not simply waste time, rather the sloth likes us to think that we can somehow find motivation another day when we don’t feel it in the moment. Maybe tomorrow. Until we grow void of inspiration.


This is the dream destroyer! No amount of learning, practice, or preparation can save us from ourselves. There is no one else coming to save us, so in order to become the hero we were meant to be, we must rise to become our own champions and unlock our most powerful skills to slay the biggest and baddest demon of them all. If we think of ourselves as unworthy, our innermost thoughts will destroy us and make our fears come true.

Should you be one who dares to try taking on something big against all odds. . . Rise with me, and let’s make something happen this week!

Come back weekly to begin your own quest alongside Nato to challenge our demons and claim victory over the evil forces that hold us back from our visions and dreams.

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