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Cloud-Jutsu | Intro to Cloud-native & Zero Trust Cockpit App

Cloud-Jutsu | Intro to Cloud-native & Zero Trust Cockpit App

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    Learn the moves of a cloud-native master as you prepare to dive deep into the world of the Underground Nexus.

    Welcome to Cloud-Jutsu, the ultimate gateway to mastering cloud computing. Prepare to embark on an exhilarating adventure where your passion for technology converges with the boundless potential of the cloud.

    The purpose of this program is three-fold.

    1. To serve as a pre-requisite for the DevSecOps Dojo community members.
    2. To show how to build a custom Zero Trust Cockpit development and demo environment and deploy GitLab runners for secure development.
    3. To introduce cutting-edge cloud-native business asset management essentials to beginners.

    We are thrilled to have you join us on this transformative journey into the captivating realm of cloud computing. If you've ever yearned to unravel the mysteries of cloud technologies but felt overwhelmed by technical jargon or your own perceived lack of qualifications, fear not – this course is tailor-made for you. Our primary objective is to equip you with a solid foundation in cloud computing principles, while ensuring that concepts remain accessible and tasks remain achievable.

    Cloud computing remains of paramount importance in the modern technology landscape. This is precisely why we have crafted this program, designed to furnish you with a robust foundation in cloud computing principles and immerse you in the practical application of our cutting-edge open-source hyperconverged data center technology, Underground Nexus.

    This course serves as the perfect starting point for beginners who yearn to explore the vast expanse of cloud computing and construct their very own cloud assets. We will expertly guide you through the fundamentals and empower you to apply your newly acquired knowledge to real-world projects, whether it entails setting up a personal laboratory or forging ahead with a minimum viable product for your budding business venture.

    Throughout the program, we will delve into the following captivating topics:

    • Introduction to Cloud-native Computing: We commence our journey by unraveling the intricacies of cloud computing – its historical underpinnings and the pivotal role it plays in modern technology. This contextual understanding will lay the groundwork for all that lies ahead.
    • Discovering Underground Nexus: Familiarize yourself with our groundbreaking open-source hyperconverged data center technology, Underground Nexus. Uncover its key features, components, and the plethora of benefits it bestows upon its users.
    • Fundamental Use Cases for Underground Nexus: We explore the most prevalent use cases for Underground Nexus, expertly demonstrating how this transformative technology can facilitate the creation and management of your own cloud assets. Prepare to witness practical examples of application deployment, storage management, and robust security measures.
    • Build Your Zero Trust Cockpit: Once you've built your open-source Underground Nexus with Cloud Underground's quick-start video guide, you can deploy your Zero Trust Cockpit. Build your CI/CD pipeline with GitLab runners, demo your product, and broadcast your work to the world and take your ideas to the moon from one ultra-secure desktop environment. 
    • Establishing Your Home Lab or Side Project: Lastly, we will guide you in the seamless application of your newfound knowledge and skills, as we assist you in constructing a personal laboratory or embarking on an enthralling side project utilizing the remarkable capabilities of Underground Nexus. This hands-on experience will cement your understanding and illuminate the real-world impact of cloud computing.

    Rest assured, even if you are a novice in the realm of cloud computing or are just setting foot in this field, this introduction to cloud mastery has been expertly curated to strike the perfect balance. We will challenge you appropriately to ensure engagement, while simultaneously ensuring that the content remains comprehensible for beginners.

    So, are you prepared to commence your enthralling odyssey into the world of cloud computing, hand in hand with the awe-inspiring Underground Nexus? Let us embark on this extraordinary journey together!

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