Nexus0 (Nexus zero) is a copy/paste server complete with its own operating system that you can use as a dev environment or integrate into your Underground Nexus copy/paste data center. Essentially, Nexus0 is a containerized virtual server and OS that runs on Cloud Underground’s Git-BIOS engine.

Our unique Git-BIOS allows your GitOps to integrate with hardware kernels, and by using advanced security tools like Blumira SIEM, Nexus0 puts the sec in your DevOps. Nexus0 is a resource for GitLab runners and other CI/CD automation pipeline tools. It also makes a great continuous server for self-hosted environments needing a hosted cloud API space.

The purpose of the Nexus0 is to simplify the process of taking a cloud-native product to market. If you need a complete, done-for-you DevSecOps software factory supply chain, you need Nexus0. When you purchase a Nexus0 seat from Cloud Underground, you can relax while we provide maximum security for your most sensitive code and IP.


Break into bug bounty hunting

One of the best ways to hone your hacker skills to enter the world of bug bounty hunting is by using Nexus0. The Hack-a-Sat hacking game is bookmarked in the Nexus0 browser so you can start learning the skills necessary to ethically hack your way to a profitable bug bounty hunting business.

Learn security skills with Hack-a-Sat, then apply what you learn from Hack-a-Sat and apply it to the real world using the tools contained in Nexus0 OS.

Built on Cloud Underground's Git-BIOS

Nexus0 is the most critical part of the Underground Nexus pipeline and is vital for continuous delivery of services and supplies. Scale your pipeline with runners thanks to edge compute and field-programmable gate array (FPGA).

Cloud Native Git Bios chart

Let’s take a closer look at developer sites from the diagram above. Every single developer site can be accessed by configuring a site terminal using Chrome RDP to access edge resources. Each site terminal can deliver 24/7 CI/CD using Nexus0 (particularly for e-commerce and web apps).

Even more importantly, every home or location can scale into a giant virtual data center.

Developer Site Architecture chart

When you purchase a Nexus0 seat from Cloud Underground, we build and manage the Git-BIOS engine pipeline (seen below) for you.

Git-BIOS Engine chart


  • Advanced shell with splitting functionality
  • Two modes
    • Demo presentation mode (powered by Openbox)
    • Full developer desktop (powered by Plasma by KDE)
  • Kate Git IDE
  • GitKraken
    • For managing Git with Kate
    • For managing GitLab runners
  • Integrates with GitHub Actions
  • Remote management with Chrome RDP
  • Medusa Webtop (Secondary desktop space for sharing, collaboration, and file transfer)
  • Fully managed security
  • Dynamic, customizable living desktops (ability to build living desktops)
  • Uses Ubuntu update repositories
  • Firefox default web browser


Nexus0 OS desktops are fully customizable!

Additional screenshots from Nexus0

Why is it called Nexus0?

As you know, Cloud Underground has multiples products under the Underground Nexus umbrella. Why do we call this lite version of the Underground Nexus Nexus0? What does the 0 (zero) mean? In tech speak, the 0 indicates that this is the origin node and the controller of the rest of the cluster.