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DevSecOps Edition Underground Nexus Developer Vault

DevSecOps Edition Underground Nexus Developer Vault

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Discover the Underground Nexus Developer Vault - the ultimate solution for shifting left with DevSecOps. Whether you're an experienced developer or just starting out, our platform provides comprehensive support.

Say goodbye to tedious system management tasks. Our managed Developer Vault automates the process, freeing up valuable time for you to focus on creating exceptional products.

Let us manage your CI/CD pipeline while reducing your business risk and operational overhead, giving you the freedom to prioritize customer relationships over boring configurations.

Save money and reap the benefits of DevSecOps with our managed Developer Vault, expertly maintained by our team of professional services engineers. No need to hire a dedicated employee for system management.

Simplify your DevSecOps journey with our fast, easy-to-use Developer Vault.

Learn more about the Developer Vault on our main site.

DevSecOps Developer Vault Features

Your DevSecOps Underground Nexus Developer Vault includes:

  • GitHub Team License
  • GitHub Codespaces with Customized Set-up
  • GitHub Copilot
  • GitLab License
  • ChatGPT
  • GitKraken
  • Dagger CI/CD Pipeline
  • Custom Git-BIOS
  • Hosting in DigitalOcean
  • Fully Managed Underground Nexus Service Mesh
  • OPTIONAL: NEMS Linux Virtual Appliance (complete SOC)

(Compare with the GitOps Edition Underground Nexus Developer Vault)

In addition, your Nexus has a built-in toolkit that comes equipped with the following:

  • Virtual admin desktop
  • Security operations center
  • QEMU-powered hypervisor (can deploy virtual machines)
  • Visual Studio Code
  • GitKraken
  • GitHub Desktop
  • Portainer
  • Pi-hole
  • Cyber Life Torpedo (Amazon AWS S3 bucket)

Who needs an Underground Nexus Developer Vault?

  • Software Developers who want to focus on creating amazing products, not managing configurations.
  • Teams looking for an efficient DevSecOps & GitOps solution.
  • Companies looking to reduce business risk and host their products securely.
  • Teams who want to shift left into DevSecOps with expert guidance.
  • Teams who want to automate valuable time back into their business days.
  • Companies looking to spend less than hiring an employee for powerful results.

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