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Nexus0 Annual Plan

Nexus0 Annual Plan

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** Order now, and your Nexus0 server will be live on Thursday! **

(For orders placed on Thursday, Nexus0 virtual servers will be delivered on the following Thursday.)

Simplify the process of taking your cloud-native product to market when you purchase a Nexus0 (Nexus Zero) annual seat. If you need a complete, done-for-you DevSecOps software factory supply chain, you need Nexus0.

Nexus0 is a copy/paste server complete with its own operating system that you can use as a dev environment or integrate into your Underground Nexus copy/paste data center. Essentially, Nexus0 is a containerized virtual server and OS that runs on Cloud Underground’s Git-BIOS engine.

When you purchase a Nexus0 seat from Cloud Underground, you can relax while we provide maximum security for your most sensitive code and IP.

Nexus0 Built-in Features

  • Advanced shell with splitting functionality
  • Two modes (Demo presentation mode and full developer desktop)
  • Kate Git IDE
  • GitKraken (for managing Git with Kate and GitLab runners)
  • Integrates with GitHub Actions
  • Remote management with Chrome RDP
  • Medusa Webtop (Secondary desktop space for sharing, collaboration, and file transfer)
  • Fully managed security
  • Dynamic, customizable living desktops (ability to build living desktops)
  • Uses Ubuntu update repositories
  • Firefox default web browser

If you need a full DevSecOps data center, you need Underground Nexus. Check it out!

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