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Develop in the cloud with ease and security when you build your software factory with Underground Nexus copy/paste data center. Underground Nexus is a cloud-native, DevSecOps data center and software factory developed and managed by Cloud Underground.

Underground Nexus and its tools allow you to manage your entire pipeline, from engineer to end-user, all from a secure, fully customizable browser-based desktop environment. Your team can collaborate simply, securely, and safely wherever in the world they may be located.

Plus, Underground Nexus is an agnostic environment, meaning you can use whatever tools you want, migrate your existing tool suite, or seek advice from our talented and knowledgeable consultants.

Build a business, or simply build your skills and learn DevSecOps by building a satellite-hacking bug bounty battle station. Take a DIY approach and download the Nexus now! The open-source version of Underground Nexus can be fully self-hosted and self-installed.

How it works

How is the Underground Nexus copy/paste data center possible? It is built on the backbone of two first-principle concepts – Git and BIOS. We ran with the reality that all systems have inputs and outputs while working through the supposition, could we make one giant data center that lives literally anywhere and everywhere? Better yet – what if we could run an entirely new operating system on top of this Git-powered input/output system?

These questions ultimately led to the creation of Underground Nexus engine as well as the Nexus0 operating system. Git-BIOS is the secret ingredient that ties the whole thing together. We wanted to limit any barriers to the Nexus’s ability to scale, and Git-BIOS removes those limitations.

It also drives cloud hosting costs down significantly because copy/paste data centers are significantly cheaper than physical buildings filled with thousands of servers.

Building scalable environments has never been easier and more affordable!

Underground Nexus toolkit features

  • Virtual admin desktop
  • Security operations center
  • QEMU-powered hypervisor (can deploy virtual machines)
  • Visual Studio Code
  • GitKraken
  • GitHub Desktop
  • Portainer
  • Pi-hole
  • Cyber Life Torpedo (Amazon AWS S3 bucket)


Watch the Underground Nexus quick start guide on YouTube

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The Cloud Underground team talks about our latest dev tool, Underground Nexus

Ok... but what IS a cloud-native DevSecOps software factory?

As we said before, Underground Nexus is a copy/paste data center and a cloud-native, DevSecOps software factory. But what does that mean, exactly? Let’s break it down.

  • Cloud-native. Pretty straight forward. This essentially applies to any apps that are fully hosted and built in cloud environments, i.e. they are native to the cloud.
  • DevSecOps. If you follow us on our socials, then you probably know that, in our minds, DevSecOps is basically the end-all-be-all of modern security. Short for development security operations, this philosophy implies that the ‘sec’ is built into your development at all levels of the operation. We like to think of it as putting the sec into your DevOps.
  • Software factory. As the modern wave of DevOps, the software factory model is meant to allow you to get quality products to market more efficiently and, therefore, faster. Though once thought to be only achievable by the FANG companies of the world, Underground Nexus allows small teams to create quality software factories with a fraction of the resources.
If it sounds too good to be true… it’s not! We’ve been building the Nexus – and developing inside of it – for years now. Our small team uses it, and now it’s refined and ready enough for you to use it, too.
"Underground Nexus, to me, is a way for online course creators to scale low-cost lab environments for their students without needing to take on angel and venture capital funding. It allows individual content creators to compete at scale against venture-backed EdTech companies."

Additional use cases

Besides being a cloud-native DevSecOps data center and software factory, Underground Nexus is and can be so many things. One of the major reasons why we originally created the Nexus was to host students in a laboratory environment that is affordable and scalable. It has that ability and then some.

We recently added Hack-a-Sat to resources linked inside the Nexus, so you can learn real-world skills, and ultimately work toward creating a bug bounty battle station. Many companies – including SpaceX – offer lucrative payouts for bug bounties and pentests.

Underground Nexus has virtual desktops built in, with hypervisors built into them, that can deploy virtual machines. These virtual desktops are also ideal places for pen-testing and malware analysis. Specific isolated and armored desktops are built into the Nexus for these sorts of tasks.

In other words, the Underground Nexus is also a fantastic tool for learning cybersecurity.

For ease of use, it can be deployed on a Raspberry Pi, a traditional desktop, or many other types of hardware.

But these are only two use cases, and the Underground Nexus has a virtually unending number of applications. It’s specialized for not only DevSecOps but also GitOps and DevOps.

It can move data around and can be set up to store persistent data that is redundant and self-curing. Because of this, it can essentially replace a NAS and, theoretically, should be more reliable than a traditional NAS.

It can become a security operations center (SOC) or a DNS server for your network. We also built Visual Studio Code into the Nexus so it has a great interface for programming and error checking as well as a full pipeline for moving your code into repositories that are automatically curated.

Again, these are just a few of the ways the Nexus can be utilized. With the toolkit included in the Nexus, we’re confident that you will find uses for this system that we couldn’t even dream of!

Plus, the Underground Nexus is easily scalable, so you can scale up the hardware and make it do as many or few of these tasks as you want for as many users as you’d like to host.


Underground Nexus across industries


Those teaching cloud-native DevSecOps already know that cloud computing and data science skills – especially security – are typically the most expensive skills to teach and learn because they require access to expensive hardware and secure data centers.

However, Underground Nexus solves the problem of excessive costs because it can be deployed on just about any hardware – including a Raspberry Pi 4B. You can also scale hosting to hundreds of students, or more.


Small Business

Increase the power of your hosting choice and take back control of your cloud bills with Underground Nexus.

Small business owners can reach significantly more customers at much lower cost than traditional solutions (such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), GCP or Azure) when they migrate development to the Nexus software factory.

The Nexus also enables businesses to build new solutions with more universal compatibility quickly and at a much reduced cost to increase your customer reach.


For enterprise businesses, Underground Nexus presents a safer way to migrate to the hybrid cloud model. Dramatically increase your cloud scalability for the cost – save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year by making the switch.

Underground Nexus also gives software factory  or business significantly more control over developer resources at cost. It was designed to apply great developer security by default for improved DevSecOps. And its centralized toolkit provides a massive productivity boost for development teams – all your tools are in one easy-to-use desktop environment.

"Underground Nexus, to me, is a way for online course creators to scale low-cost lab environments for their students without needing to take on angel and venture capital funding. It allows individual content creators to compete at scale against venture-backed EdTech companies."

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