4 Professional Super Powers

4 Professional Super Powers

We all have our “Achilles heels.” But if we can discover our hidden super powers, weaknesses can’t hold us down! 🎸

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4 Archetypes (i.e., your path to truth)

1. Chief powers

Should you possess chief powers, you are a leader and a doer who makes things happen. (Hint: Tune your power up by accepting that it's your destiny to guide those who follow you through the darkest of times. Call the shots even when you aren’t “assigned” the leadership role, and take your glory!)

2. Agent powers

You have “007 Secret Agent” powers to navigate people facing business arenas, and your prowess at field negotiations is unrivaled! (Hint: Those wielding this capability can be sent into the most dire situations and return from seemingly impossible missions with success. Don’t be afraid of taking risks.)

3. Technologist powers

Products don’t exist without you! Perhaps you are not the “money man/woman” but products only exist because of your ability to fabricate ideas into reality. (Hint: Your success is in finding those who can get your incredible work to the right people. A strong support team makes a true technologist unstoppable.)

4. Hacker powers

While generally the worst with human interactions, those with hacker powers are capable of bending reality and leading entire communities without ever needing to speak or be seen. (Hint: A true hacker skill set understands people through their data better than their surface presence. Hackers both see and live beneath the surface of the online world itself. This is often times the most underestimated super power.)

Your quest this week is to find your strengths to invalidate your weaknesses. We can’t become perfect human beings, but we can absolutely become UNSTOPPABLE. Your super powers are your secret weapon against the darkest of days, so you can fight your way back toward the light.

If we all have the same amount of time in our days, you could spend lots of energy trying to polish up your weaknesses, slogging to be passable at something you'll only ever be OK at.

Or you could invest time transforming your strengths into super powers!

From there teamwork makes the dream work (someone else’s super power will eclipse whatever growth we might find from prioritizing our own weaknesses). Invest your time effort into your super powers. Because our weaknesses don’t sharpen much.

Network and let someone else fill in your gaps. This is your time! Comment below to share which one sounds more like you, and share your powers with others. Which super power sounds most like you?

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