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Nexus Innovation Experience & Idea Factory

Nexus Innovation Experience & Idea Factory

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Idea Factory Infrastructure Add-on

All-in-one business solution providing training, coaching, hardware, and managed services to go from idea to prototype. 

Build your dream product. Sell it to make money. It's that simple.

Ideate, innovate, and transform your ideas into reality when you join the Nexus Innovation Experience, powered by Prime Idea Factory and Underground Nexus OS. 

Why do you need the The Prime Idea Factory? It's a developer environment with built-in backups so you never have to worry about losing your work!

At Cloud Underground, we don't care about perfection. We value action. Our goal is to empower you to make your own executive business decisions so that you can finish what you start, follow through with your ideas, and have the conviction to complete your goals.

In this six-month program, we'll give you a business-ready infrastructure pipeline (either on-prem hardware or cloud-hosted) plus weekly mentor-led sessions to guide you through the process of building or growing your cloud-native business step-by-step.

  1. Start with your idea. If you don't have an idea, take part in our ideation exercises to help you brainstorm new products and services fast.
  2. Develop your blueprint. Once your blueprint is finalized, begin to plan, test, and develop your Minimum Viable Product concept. 
  3. Build out your MVP. After four months of mentor-led group business development sessions, you'll be let out on your own to spend the next two months building out your product.
  4. Be a part of the community. Join in on weekly Q&A sessions if you feel stuck or jump into our private Prime Idea Factory Discord server for ongoing support from Cloud Underground mentors and your peers.

 What you get:

  • Nexus Innovation Experience: 6 months of live, weekly cloud-native business development mentorship, led by Cloud Underground executives, where you'll learn to:
    • Develop a business blueprint
    • Use the systems that Cloud Underground founders have used to build and scale multiple business
    • Brainstorm and vet a product
    • Build a minimum viable product
    • Use your development environment to host other developers or users
    • Mindset mastery to ensure your business thrives and succeeds
    • Much more (full details below)
  • Cloud Underground swag bag
    • T-shirt
    • Backpack
    • One-of-a-kind 3D-printed item
  • Master of the Cloud educational experience bundle
  • Self-managed GitLab Premium license (may upgrade to GitLab Ultimate on request)
  • Private Discord chat server for ongoing support
  • One-year subscription of on-prem or cloud-hosted custom-built Underground Nexus for cloud-native business development and platform engineering

Idea Factory On-prem or Cloud-hosted Options

Experience fully managed on-demand engineering at its finest.

Pick your ideal server solution. Every device is a super root, and each system can be used separately or clustered together.

Satellite Gateway  Mission Control Production Cloud
Basic satellite appliance
  • Underground Nexus Zero Trust Cockpit OS
  • Comes with GitLab Premium managed license

Fully built satellite appliance

  • Hosts Underground Nexus travelers
  • Comes with GitLab Premium managed license
  • Includes Nagios Enterprise Monitoring Server (NEMS) Linux virtual appliance

Civo public cloud managed hosting

  • Extra large Civo compute instance
  • 16 GB RAM, 6 cores, 150GB NVME storage
  • 6TB data transfer (overages may apply)
  • Hosts Underground Nexus travelers
  • Comes with GitKraken
  • GitLab Premium managed license
  • Personalized email that grants access to all included tools

We guarantee your appliance will come with the following specs:

  • Quad-core graphics-integrated processor that can run at 2.5 Ghz
  • 16GB RAM
  • 1GB network interface card
  • Dual 8TB hard drive RAID 1

We guarantee your appliance will come with the following specs:

  • High-performance server with hyperthreaded quad-core processor OR 6 physical cores
  • 64GB RAM (cost based on availability; buy now for best price!)
  • 1 GB network interface card
  • 4TB 6-hard drive RAID 10

Satellite Gateway is currently built with this server box.

Mission Control is currently built with this server box.

Production Cloud currently hosted in CIVO.

Get the ultimate DevSecOps Site Reliability Edition when you bundle all three Idea Factory options. (DevSecOps SRE includes GitLab Ultimate license.)


Claim your destiny

Turning your idea into reality is a complex process.

Starting is half the battle. Knowing where to start is easier when you build advanced decision-making skills.

Join us to claim your destiny, and we'll help you finish what you start.

The fine print

JOIN ANY TIME: This program is ongoing and the instruction cycles are evergreen. That means you can drop in at any time. Join live weekly cloud-native business development sessions, or watch the recordings in the video training archive.

60 DAY TO SHIP ON HARDWARE: All Underground Nexus on-prem servers are custom built-to-order, and built with currently available hardware. We guarantee that we only build with the best quality products and specs required to run our business pipeline software solutions.

HARDWARE RENTAL: Servers are only available for lease on an annual basis. After your 12-month subscription has ended, you may send your server back and receive a full refund on the initial deposit that you made on your hardware.

Or, you may choose to keep your server, and forfeit your deposit refund.

For this reason, servers are non-refundable outside of the one-week refund policy outlined below. Simply send it back after your year-long lease program ends (or before, if you wish), and receive a refund on your deposit.

ONE WEEK REFUND: You may receive a full refund for the Nexus Innovation Experience & Prime Idea Factory program if requests are made within one week of purchase.

16 weeks of guided instruction

Week 1: Commit.

Start by reading Automate Boring Things. Tour the Nexus Innovation Experience War Room. This week is your chance to familiarize yourself with the content so that you can decide if you'd like to stay in or request a refund. (No refunds after Week 1.)

Week 2: Business Blueprinting 101.

Customer’s Idea Factory begins official production. While your system is being built, we begin ideation training and will complete a blue print exercise.

Week 3: Build a Blueprint Prototype.

Using what was learned, this week will be dedicated to ideation. Complete a blueprint.

Week 4: Mindset of steel.

Your project will fail if you believe it will; the project will succeed if you believe it will.
We'll talk about why doubt is like a toxin that will destroy a vision, and how to build a company that can be inclusive of friends and family without destroying close relationships.

Week 5: Build an MVP Roadmap

Review the MVP Blueprint course and participate in ideation exercises.

Week 6: Build your Dev Workspace with Zero Trust Cockpit.

Go through Cloud-Jutsu to build and customize your workspace!

Week 7: How to build development and test environments with Underground Nexus.

Underground Nexus super root / hosting worlds can host zero trust cockpit workspaces to allow collaboration or service delivery.

Week 8: Add AI to your cockpit workspace with GitLab runners.

Learn how to centrally manage multiple cockpits with GitLab. After that, you get to infuse AI into whatever you want with ease!

Week 9: Welcome to your Idea Factory appliance.

Your idea factory should have arrived by now! Take time to get to know your idea factory. This is a huge kickoff to build the item that was Blueprinted!

Week 10 - 12

Use the Cloud Underground Academy courses to build your MVP.

(Optional executive coaching may be purchased for anyone seeking additional support as they build their MVP.)

Week 13: Build a conversion-optimized website.

Learn how to build a conversion-optimized e-commerce website.

Week 14-16: Sell your own idea on your website.

Finish building a website and present the earliest possible MVP of your idea to the world for feedback.

The cloud underground team will provide reviews of completed websites so you can charge forth with confidence!

After 6 months of buying the course, clients who completed the program qualify for promotion. We will do a public pitch event for clients who make it all the way through the program successfully.

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