Cybersecurity Change Makers

Cybersecurity Change Makers

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I stepped back from the cybersecurity and something interesting happened. 👉Other champions came to ask me about my work.

Others dared to try continuing to make the industry a better place.

I expressed that I felt disenfranchised with the direction the industry has been headed but something better started happening.

I see others standing up to bring change instead of just giving up on a complicated market.

Champions of Change

Ken now lives in a spaceship in orbit, keeping up with the Joneses is lame compared to keeping up with Ken - so I realized I want to keep up.

Rotimi Abdul Basit began creating educational entertainment.

Stephanie Fenton began creating WebCraft to teach skills that are hard to teach to more people, I couldn’t resist joining the vision.

Neelanjan Manna has superior technical skills to what I’m used to seeing, and keeps showing up for himself even when days get complicated.

Joseph Young actively pursues “better” and reminds me that things don’t need to be abandoned, positive change is possible.

Anastasia Edwards reminded me that there are more people out there who understand that true security starts with us humans, not the machines.

Randall Massie reminded me that dreams truly can come true.

Raymond Soreng presented new futures and possibilities that made me realize that while I don’t care for legacy aspects of cybersecurity…

Winds of Change A-blowing

I want to see the winds of change blow.

I have some huge announcements to make soon that aren’t cybersecurity related, but the gap I left with my research has led to others picking up the torch.

One by one, those with strong visions and iron wills shatter new barriers.

Perhaps I’m not so opposed to an industry that I see can find change.

For those who are interested in seeing some incredible work, keep an eye on these folks.

While I’ll be focused more on financial fraud and payment card industry related work, cybersecurity is still likely to forever be a part of the everyday work I do.

There is nothing innately wrong with the cybersecurity space.

Rather we are living in a time where AI is booming and the internet is creating new challenges for society to navigate.

There will always be great people in the world, so perhaps nothing can be all that bad - change simply takes time.

How do you feel about the cybersecurity industry in these days of #AI and rapid #technology development?


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