Meet the Team

Cloud Underground is made up of a small, yet well-rounded, team of innovative and passionate engineers and entrepreneurs. We do what we do for the Cloud Underground because we love it.

Laura Anderson Riley, CEO

Headshot of CEO Laura Riley

Laura is a serial entrepreneur, writer, marketer, content creator, and web developer. She spent much of her early career working as a print journalist and magazine editor, radio producer, and on-air DJ. Though they may not seem technical, these experiences made her naturally inquisitive, adaptable, and willing to take risks – the trifecta of skills necessary to run a cloud computing start-up!

In her free time, she enjoys taking long walks with her partner Nato and their Alaskan Klee Kais Augustus and Apollo. She also enjoys knitting and sewing, distance running, customizing her tech, tinkering with CSS, and playing action RPGs on her PC.

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Nato Riley, Chief Financial Officer

CFO Nato Riley

Nato Riley is a serial entrepreneur, data scientist, and angel investor with over 10 years of experience in security, disaster recovery, and artificial intelligence. He is the Chief Financial Officer of Cloud Underground, a platform engineering and DevSecOps venture capital firm that enables innovative technology startups to launch and scale.

As a CFO, Nato is responsible for making final financial decisions, driving funding goals and initiatives, and planning revenue and profit strategies. He also leverages his data science and cybersecurity skills to teach online courses on LinkedIn Learning and run a YouTube channel called Nato as Code. Nato holds several certifications, and studied communications and business at Western Colorado University. Nato is passionate about helping leaders achieve complex and costly technology outcomes, and inspiring others to overcome challenges and pursue their dreams.

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Jordan Anderson, CTO

CTO Jordan Anderson

Jordan grew up in rural Colorado where he spent a lot of time outside hiking, camping, and enjoying the mountains. He also spent a lot of time indoors playing with computers and other electronics. His first computer was an Apple IIe, which was a fantastic system for learning the basics of computer interfaces. He has been playing with computers ever since.

He currently spends a lot of time learning about emerging technologies, developing software in Linux, designing products for additive manufacturing, and exploring open-source solutions for emerging technological challenges.

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Randall Massie, CISO

CISO Randall Massie

Randall is a Cyber Defense Security Engineer with more than 20 years of experience in IT and software development. He is a U.S. Coast Guard veteran and has spent most of his civilian career in the enterprise fintech space. He is passionate about learning and innovating new technologies, which led him to cloud engineering and DevSecOps.

When he isn’t deep in code or defending against cyber-attacks, he is spending quality family time with his wife and four beautiful children.

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Ken Underhill, Underground Ops Chief Strategy Officer | CEO of Underground Ops

Chief Strategist Ken Underhill

Ken is a Co-founder at Cyber Life, which helps train senior leadership teams on cybersecurity as a business risk. He is also an international best selling author and multi-award winning cybersecurity professional. Ken sits on the board for several cybersecurity women's organizations and he has educated over a million people around the world.

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Business Portfolio

The Cloud Underground team is also the core investor in a growing portfolio of companies, including the following:

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