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If you can’t get enough Cloud Underground, join our private Facebook group, Cloud Native Edge-ineers! Network with other edge-ineers and share cloud-native and edge-computing agnostic development resources for those learning to use cloud technologies, develop and deploy cloud apps, migrate to cloud-native operations, and “hack” cloud for pentesting and security purposes.

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Continue your professional development and stay ahead of the curve in our community for edge computing and cloud computing engineers. Learn more and apply now.

Take your development to the next level with your own bare metal infrastructure. Purchase Raspberry Pi cases and kits to DIY your own cloudlets and super computers. (Our shop is currently under construction… new products landing soon!)

Customized services for your small- to medium-sized business or startup. Monitor your security, build dashboards and so much more. Contact us for more information.

Why We Do What We Do

At Cloud Underground, all we care about is sharing what we know with anyone who will listen. Think of us as information brokers with a fun and informative podcast and supportive professional community.


We also offer bare-metal cloud-native development tools that are affordable and accessible to all. We eliminate red tape through our curated, open-source development software.


Plus, we foster creativity and innovation by embracing all forms of diversity in the tech sphere and providing a stimulating and thought-provoking community that will help your small- to medium- sized business or small-team startup turn your dreams into reality.

Shop Bare Metal Cloudlets & Supercomputers

Purchase custom-made, sustainably printed Raspberry Pi cloudlet and supercomputer cases and kits from Cloud Underground. Build your own bare metal data center with our cases and kits. We’ll show you how!

Our shop is currently under construction. Check back soon!

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