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Join GitLab & Cloud Underground LIVE in June!

Hey there, cloud aficionados! We’re thrilled to announce that Cloud Underground and GitLab are joining forces for an electrifying LIVE DevSecOps 101 Workshop & Virtual Hack-a-Thon on Saturday, June 24, 2023.

  • Up Your Game: Learn the ropes of DevSecOps and the Zero Trust Cockpit and discover how to adapt to an ever-evolving cyber landscape.
  • Connect and Collaborate: Rub shoulders with industry leaders and fellow tech whizzes, share ideas, and network with your fellow cloud devs.
  • Battle It Out: Unleash your creativity and prove you’ve got what it takes to make it in the world of secure virtual environments.

Seats are limited, so don’t wait to sign up!

Start your cloud-native journey today.

Whether you’re an advanced cloud engineer or a brand new beginner wondering what cloud even is, you’re sure to benefit from Cloud-Jutsu | DevSecOps Dojo Prereqs & Zero Trust Cockpit!

What you’ll learn:
  • How to deploy your Zero Trust Cockpit.
  • Cloud-native concepts and the philosophy of DevSecOps.
  • Discover the Underground Nexus, the open-source, copy/paste hyperconverged data center and software factory.
You’ll also receive access to the full DevSecOps Dojo training archives, so you’ll be up-to-date and ready to dive right into the conversation for when you join our free professional community.

Join the Underground movement.

Copy/paste data centers & DevSecOps software factories. Streamline your prod and collaborate with ease when you migrate your cloud-native development to Underground Nexus. DIY your own toolkit for professional development, or leave the hosting and support to us when you sign up for a Developer Vault.

Get technical, or get social, in the DevSecOps Dojo! Continue your professional development and stay ahead of the curve in our community for edge computing and cloud computing engineers. Learn more and apply now.

Learn Underground Nexus from those who made it.

Check out the full line of courses from Cloud Underground, all of which are built using Underground Nexus, our open-source copy/paste cloud data center and software factory pipeline.

Build, develop, and release a product using the Underground Nexus, and get the most out of your Nexus environment. We’ll show you how in the Build Your Own Software Factory course.

Learn how to use WordPress and sandbox your own website in the Cloud Underground with the WordPress Website Sandbox course. You’ll also learn how you can build a test environment for your existing website using Underground Nexus.

More courses are always in the pipeline, so stay tuned!

Invest in your ideas. Invest in yourself.

Build a business using the same model that Cloud Underground founders have used to create multiple successful businesses including this one! We show you how in our newest short course, the Cloud MVP Blueprint.

No, we don’t mean “Most Valuable Player,” we’re talking about building a minimum viable product. Learn about what that is and why you should develop one using Cloud Underground’s Underground Nexus in our Cloud MVP Blueprint course.

Why we do what we do.

At Cloud Underground, all we care about is sharing what we know with anyone who will listen. Think of us as information brokers and cloud educators who write helpful code, love music, and host a supportive professional community.

We’ll help you build your software factory and slash your cloud bills with our cloud-native DevSecOps toolkit and copy/paste data center and streamline your dev with our customizable software.

We also offer consulting and recruitment services available through our talented pool of consultants who are hand-selected and trained in-house.

Everything we do is in the spirit of fostering creativity and innovation by embracing all forms of diversity in the tech sphere and making cloud native DevSecOps accessible to as many people as possible.

Come join us in our Underground movement to disrupt the cloud, one container at a time!


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