• "It's been a fun journey filled with hard work, dedication, consistency, and willingness! Our path to success is never a straight line and is usually steered up, down, right left, backwards and all around... Enjoying the ride while building is where its at.

    Thank you Nato Riley, Laura Riley and the DevSecOps Dojo for all the assistance, guidance, and knowledge!

    The Dojo is where all the madness started for me! I will be forever grateful for the knowledge and skills obtained."

    - Kristopher B.

  • "Thanks Cloud Underground and Nato Riley. I am movig forward to step one of financial feedom. Automate Boring Things is a big tool and resource."

    - Michael C.

  • "Thanks Nato, I'm going to have to start poking around, you can see the love that went into the project, you and your partner are passionate geniuses."

    - Tim S.

  • "I'll never forget Alpha Squad's brainstorming session after class. I learned a lot listening to your stories and examples. You have inspired ambition, grit, and tenacity in many, including myself."

    - Joanne P.

  • "Thank you so much for the advice, and the mentorship you have provided since I met you essentially, over the past year, you've given me great advice and great opportunities, and I'm still incredibly grateful you gave me the opportunity to develop the deployment script for Nexus, that was one of the opportunities I've learned the most from to this day!"

    - V.

  • "I appreciate Jordan taking the time to help me with this whole rig set up.... anyone building a rig, tech newbies, in particular, please consider consulting with Jordan Anderson. (Money well spent! If he can teach me - teaching me is like fool proof lol - he can teach you.) Hardware expert!"

    - Stephanie F.

  • "Like literally, you two are both like angels from heaven. I can't thank you enough for the support and confidence you've instilled in me. I look forward to helping YOU and your team grow too, everything is possible so let's see what beautiful outcomes we can create from supporting each other on our journey to greater prosperity!!"

    - Billie C.

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