Looking Beyond Credentials: 3 Traits of the BEST Hires

Looking Beyond Credentials: 3 Traits of the BEST Hires

Hiring tips for business growth

The best hires aren't necessarily those with the most certs or terminal degrees.

While credentials are still a form of evidence that someone finishes what they started, finding those who go above and beyond means digging deeper than millions of others who have also achieved the same.

Let's explore three traits to look for in the best hires that go beyond credentials.

1. Willingness to try new things.

New hires, even with work history, have to pick up the nuances of every new office since all work environments are run by different leadership. Additionally, there will always be new challenges to face that flexible minds will happily take on.

Look for those who never seem to stop learning new things. They will be the most adept at handling change and are always willing to try new things.

2. Works well with others.

Not everyone can get along with "everyone."

Culture fit matters tremendously when hiring. Not considering how different cultures might interact within an office setting can lead to complex team challenges.

Look for those who can get along with everyone and have experience working in diverse teams.

3. Look for battle scars.

Motivated individuals will represent strong motivation across their entire work history. Typically, they don’t go from being somewhat motivated to being ultra-motivated.

Look for evidence of where a prospect hire has completed what they started, and ask referrals about examples of completed work done by the individual being considered for hire.

Meet the Expectations of Your People

When interviewing prospects, it's essential to consider what will meet their expectations as well. Interviews should always go both ways. Here are a few additional tips for finding the best hires:

  • Look for unique accomplishments that hold great relevance toward a role.
  • Find self-motivated individuals – they tend to be unstoppable.
  • Don't just expect others to meet your expectations, consider what will meet the expectations of a prospect hire as well.

Hiring the best candidate means looking beyond their credentials. Consider their willingness to learn, ability to work with others, and motivation levels. With these tips, you will be able to hire the best candidates who can help your business grow.

So, go forth and change the world by finding those who are ready to conquer with you!


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