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Build Your Own Software Factory

Build Your Own Software Factory

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In this course, Cloud Underground Chief Science Officer Nato Riley guides you through the ins and outs of Underground Nexus so that you can get the most out of your open-source data center and software factory pipeline.

Learn how to use your open-source software factory to develop your cloud products and apps with ease. Take a deep dive into the Nexus with the person who invented it in this course from Cloud Underground Academy.

What you'll learn

The video lessons in this program will teach you to use the many features built into the Underground Nexus. You'll learn the following:

  • What is a software factory?
  • How to use the Underground Nexus software factory
  • How to configure the Nexus firewall
  • Setting up a remote connection to access the Nexus from anywhere

You'll also learn to use the following tools built into the Nexus:

  • Pi-hole
  • Portainer
  • kubectl
  • Minio bucket
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Synaptic

Instructor Nato Riley will also guide you through how to use Cloud Underground's proprietary tools, including the GitBIOS that makes it all possible, Nexus0 copy/paste server and KuberNexus environments.

      Who needs the Build Your Own Software Factory program?

      • If you are developing cloud apps, tools, and infrastructure for b2b or b2c customers
      • If you have a need for centralized IT or a managed data center
      • If you need to collaborate with other developers
      • If you are an educator who creating labs for students
      • If you are a student learning about DevSecOps and cloud security

      What is Underground Nexus?

      This course is taught entirely in Cloud Underground's copy/paste data center and software factory pipeline, Underground Nexus. You can build and deploy your own Underground Nexus for free on any computer using open-source code. Learn more here.

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