Self-Hosted Solutions

Open-source solutions built with Zero Trust Cockpit and Underground Nexus. 

  • Build your own products.
  • Build your own company.
  • Build your own home lab.
  • Build your own smarthome.

DIY Not?

Build whatever you want, however you want with open-source platform engineering software

Do you want to build your own data center with Raspberry Pis? You can!

Deploy an Underground Nexus on a Raspberry Pi. It's the most affordable way to build your own self-managed Idea Factory.

Do it in style with an extreme overclocking Raspberry Pi case, custom 3D printed in-house and made with sustainable and recycled materials.

Solutions for everyone

Cloud Underground offers business solutions for builders on every budget. Get started for free with the Cloud Underground Incubator: The RPG of Life.

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A streamlined experience with Zero Trust Cockpit

To get the best experience out of Cloud Underground Incubator: The RPG of Life and all Cloud Underground Academy educational experiences, we recommend building a Zero Trust Cockpit. 

Zero Trust Cockpit is a customizable workspace that allows you to develop minimum viable products and create beautiful demos with just a few clicks. 

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